This page gives examples of products which we have designed for some of our clients. If you are interested in these products, or in us developing something for you, please contact us or read about our product design services.

Casino Display System

The CDS is a user friendly stand alone LCD display system integrating seamlessly with almost all manual, sensored or automatic roulette wheels. The CDS displays a wide variety of animated statistical and game play information designed to attract and engage players. User-updatable graphics, screen layouts and messaging banners reinforce the casino brand and inform customers of special events and promotions. Live video may be input from a variety of sources and superimposed when required, to show live results or even advertisements when the table is idle

The Eyeball - Roulette Recognition System

A new addition to this system is "The Eyeball", a camera-based winning number reader which provides almost instant number recognition on almost every type of wheel, along with security and wheel-integrity analysis functions.

Intelligent Strain Gauge Amplifier

Compatible with the National Instruments SCC Chassis, this is a 100x strain gauge amplifier with solid-state automatic balancing circuitry and intelligent isolation of broken, shorted or disconnected strain gauges. Avoids microphony in potentiometer-balanced amplifiers, saturation of data acquisition equipment and overloading of power supplies when a strain gauge fails during destructive test.